I share love and devotion through Kirtan (chanting Divine names of God), Kundalini Yoga breathwork and kriyas, meditation practices, Kriya Yoga techniques, Gong Baths (Resonant Overtone therapy), Healing Through Quantum Field,  Inspirational talks, and a variety of Playfull Transformations.  I live a life of service and offer all that I Am to the Self as a whole.  I spent 12 years polishing the Self and learning surrender in an ashram setting.  For the past few years I have been called to share in a broader context than the temple in Taos, New Mexico.  This website and my transformative travelings are this my way of sharing the temple of my heart, in which Consciousness and our True Nature (connectedness to Source) find a home.  I am devoted to Hanuman (Hindu deity of Love and Devotion to God) and Neem Karoli Baba (a great Indian saint who taught to Love Everyone, Feed Everyone, and Speak the Truth).